Woman facing penalties after probation violation

Woman facing penalties after probation violation

A Maryland woman has allegedly violated the terms of her probation by visiting
a bar from which she had been banned. The woman, from Pomfret, had admitted
to killing a motorist in a drunk driving accident in 2011. Now, she could
face additional penalties because of the probation violation, which allegedly
occurred throughout January of this year. She was arrested and subsequently
released after posting a $50,000 bail.

Official reports show that the woman, age 42, struck a 52-year-old motorcycle
rider in August 2011 after she failed to yield on U.S. 301. The driver
was found with blood alcohol content nearly twice the legal limit in the
state. After pleading guilty to charges of negligent vehicular manslaughter,
the woman was sentenced to three years on probation.

Terms of the woman’s release required her to say away from a popular
bar in White Plains where she consumed alcohol before the fatal crash.
She was also forbidden from entering locations that serve alcohol, and
she was prohibited from being near alcohol at all. Other terms included
alcohol rehabilitation and enforced sobriety.

However, authorities say the woman may have been drinking at the prohibited
lounge on New Year’s Eve. Officers said they also saw the woman
working at the door of that lounge in late January. Further, the woman
was reportedly seen eating at a deli that served alcohol.

The woman is facing another hearing in late March. She could be subject
to additional penalties, up to and including the termination of probation.
Criminal defendants who are accused of violating terms of probation may
benefit from consulting a Maryland attorney, who may provide them with
more information about their legal rights and options.

Source: Southern Maryland Newspapers Online, “Woman guilty of vehicular manslaughter cited for violating probation” Lindsay Renner, Mar. 12, 2014