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Our Blog In Month: August 2017

  • Maryland bar owner found not liable for drunk driver

    In several previous posts, we’ve covered the topic of drunk driving: the issues faced by those who have been accused of DWI or other traffic ...

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  • Former Maryland police officer arrested for weapons charges

    The sale and resale of firearms is a closely regulated practice in Maryland. Assault weapons, in particular, have been under harsh scrutiny in recent years, ...

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  • Maryland politician faces drunk driving charges

    A County Delegate from Anne Arundel County found himself in hot water this week after he was arrested for DWI. This arrest comes almost exactly ...

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  • Maryland men convicted of murder in the ’70s may get new trial

    Two Maryland men, both convicted of violent crimes in the 1970s, may have a second chance to defend themselves in court. This comes after a ...

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  • President asks prosecutors to avoid mandatory drug sentences

    The 1980s and 1990s were a time of rising drug-related violence in America. As a reaction to the perceived threat, lawmakers made a surprising offensive ...

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  • Twenty-two arrests made in prostitution sting

    It has become increasingly common for police officers to monitor Internet sites for evidence of prostitution, then to arrest respondents. The use of online prostitution ...

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  • Why Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent ‘Monsters’?

    Abbe Smith, a law professor at Georgetown University, asks us a timeless question. Why would some private criminal defense lawyers want to represent infamous doers ...

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  • Bias suspected in some state crime labs

    We’ve all seen the scenes from TV’s crime dramas. In a bright white lab coat, the forensic scientist examines the evidence from a high profile ...

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  • Colleges take action against binge drinking

    In many colleges across America, students look upon their ability to drink alcohol with a sense of pride. Some students even brag about how much ...

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  • “Drinking culture” suspected at naval academy

    An enormous amount of media attention is currently fixed on the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, the result of shocking allegations of rape among several ...

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