26 gang members indicted on drug charges, racketeering

26 gang members indicted on drug charges, racketeering

A shocking 26 area defendants are facing federal allegations after they
were indicted on a variety of gang-related charges. The individuals, ages
20 to 37, are facing federal
drug charges and racketeering allegations in connection with rival gang activity in
the Cherry Hill section of Baltimore. News agencies report that the indictments
in the case were revealed on Dec. 17.

Authorities say that the dispute between the two drug-related gangs may
have led to at least three deaths and two other shootings. In all, 15
members of the “Up da Hill” gang, known as UDH in Cherry Hill,
are facing allegations of conspiracy with intent to distribute heroin,
cocaine and prescription drugs. Further, those 15 defendants are facing
racketeering conspiracy charges. In addition, six members of the Little
Spelman group, located “Down the Hill” in Cherry Hill, have
been indicted. Those individuals face racketeering conspiracy charges,
in addition to distribution charges related to heroin, marijuana and cocaine.
Five others were charged with intent to distribute crack cocaine and heroin.

Official reports show that the members of the UDH and Little Spelman organizations
may have contributed to three separate murders, along with several other
shootings that have occurred during the past two years. Further, it appears
that UDH has been involved in several other area drug-gang disputes, including
altercations with another “Down the Hill” group.

Even though these 26 individuals have been arrested and indicted for federal
drug offenses, an arrest does not mean the defendant is guilty. The American
justice system relies on fairness and unbiased treatment of those accused
of drug trafficking and other offenses. Gang members facing drug allegations
may benefit from a consultation with a qualified criminal defense attorney,
who can help them learn more about their legal rights and options in court.

Source: ABC 2 News, “26 members of rival Cherry Hill gangs indicted on drug, racketeering charges” No author given, Dec. 18, 2013