3 in Maryland charged with drug, weapons violations

3 in Maryland charged with drug, weapons violations

Drug charges are treated very seriously in Maryland, especially if they
are believed to have been acquired with intent to sell. Often, drug charges
can be compounded with other charges to result in longer, harsher penalties.
Weapons charges, for example, are in some cases given more serious punishments
when they occur simultaneously with
drug charges.

This may be the case for three young Maryland residents, who were recently
arrested on multiple drug and weapons charges. The arrest occurred in
Waldorf, Maryland, in a hotel room. Officers had been called to the hotel
on suspicion of drug activity.

When officers arrived at the location, they allegedly smelled marijuana
emanating from the door of the hotel room. As the police officers stood
outside the door, it opened, and two people walked out. As the door was
opened, a third person apparently noticed the police officers. Authorities
say he ran into the bathroom and attempted to flush drugs down the toilet.

Police searched the room and found loaded handgun, a half a pound of marijuana
and approximately $1,300 in cash. Authorities also took possession of
drug paraphernalia, six cell phones and a vehicle.

The three occupants of the room were arrested. Two were male, ages 25 and
23, and the third was a 19-year-old female. They were all charged with
the same three offenses: possession with intent to distribute drugs, drug
trafficking and possession of a firearm.

It is not clear, at this time, exactly what role each person played in
the events that led up to the arrests. In situations such as this one,
it is possible that some of the people arrested may not have been as culpable
as others. They may not have been involved in any trafficking operations.
Time, and further investigation, can usually determine whether this is
so. This leaves an opportunity for a criminal defense attorney to work
on a client’s defense to establish reasonable doubt.


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