Baltimore man accused of sex offenses at beer pong league

Baltimore man accused of sex offenses at beer pong league

Many of our readers will no doubt be familiar with the game beer pong –
a drinking game in which a ping pong ball is thrown into plastic cups.
The game is enormously popular and often results in high levels of intoxication.

According to Baltimore police, one local man allegedly used the game as
a gateway for illegal activities. They’re accusing the 38-year-old
man of committing sexual assault on several men he met while playing beer pong.

Authorities say he visited a number of sporting events and college bars,
looking for intoxicated young men. Police say he was particularly fond
of beer pong and even traveled to other cities to attend tournaments.
He apparently visited Dallas, Salt Lake City, Atlantic City and even the
National Beer Pong Tournament in Las Vegas.

According to authorities, the man sought out severely intoxicated young
men and brought them back to his residence. There, he allegedly committed
sexual assault upon them. Authorities say one alleged victim has come
forward to accuse the man after a night of drinking in College Park; a
subsequent search of the man’s home uncovered a camera that contains
photos of up to ten more possible victims.

This case is unusual in that it involves sexual assault by a man against
another man. Still, that does not make the charges any less serious. Charges for
sex offenses often result in extremely lengthy prison sentences, followed by possible
registration in the national sex offender registry. The seriousness of
these charges calls for a particularly careful examination of the evidence
during the trial to determine whether the accused is, in fact, responsible
for the crimes with which he or she has been accused.


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