Baltimore police officer accused of assault

Baltimore police officer accused of assault

Here in Baltimore, we trust that our police officers will always act within
and according to the law. We also hold our officers up to a high moral
standard, trusting that they will act as good examples for the rest of
the population.

Police officers, however, are human, just like everybody else. That means
they make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes, in failing to uphold
those high moral standards, they can find themselves facing criminal charges as well.

A Baltimore City police officer was recently accused of committing a violent
crime inside Baltimore’s Juvenile Booking Facility. According to
a Baltimore City state’s attorney, the officer, a veteran of the
force, allegedly walked into an inmate’s cell and struck him in
the face. The officer has been with the Baltimore Police Department for 27 years.

It is not clear what led up to the alleged assault. It seems likely that
the 27-year veteran of the force lost his temper, resulting in a one-time
incident, rather than a pattern of repeated behavior. It’s important
to remember, in addition, that the man is innocent until he is proven
guilty by a court of law.

The Baltimore Police Department released a statement in response to the
incident, noting that it had “no tolerance” for officers who
step outside the boundaries of the law.

The officer has been charged with second-degree assault and with misconduct
in office. The assault charge has a maximum possible sentence of 10 years
in prison. The misconduct charge does not have a maximum penalty ascribed
to it. The officer is due to be officially arraigned on Dec. 5.


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