Baltimore security guard charged with homicide

Baltimore security guard charged with homicide

Security guards, like police officers, are charged with maintaining public
order and safety. Often, their job can be stressful, as a variety of different
and difficult situations come to light each day. In rare cases, these
situations can lead to violent confrontations.

This was the case in Baltimore recently, where a security guard recently
shot and killed a patron following an argument. The altercation, which
was caught on a nearby security camera, resulted in homicide charges against
the security guard.

The 33-year-old guard was in line at a Subway restaurant when he apparently
got into an argument with another customer. The argument apparently became
physical as the two moved into the parking lot. Security camera footage
shows that the security guard pulled his gun on the other man, who put
his hands in the air. The security guard then fired several times, striking
the 35-year-old man in the stomach.

The man was rushed to Sinai Hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.
Doctors performed an autopsy and ruled the man’s death a homicide.

Police officers interviewed several witnesses and viewed the security camera
footage, which led them to arrest the security guard. He is now facing
several violent crimes charges, including first-degree murder.

These are among the most serious charges that one can face in a court of
law. In cases such as these, judges and attorneys need to proceed very
carefully to ensure that all parts of the process are done properly, and
to ensure that none of the defendant’s rights are violated along
the way. Charges for serious violent crimes can lead to decades of imprisonment.
It’s only right, then, for all parties involved to work carefully
to ensure that the criminal proceedings reach a proper conclusion.


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