Former firefighter charged with sex offenses

Former firefighter charged with sex offenses

Many sex offenses do not occur between strangers. In most cases, in fact,
the participants know each other well, either as friends, coworkers or
romantic partners. In some cases, the sex abuse can even occur between
family members, a particularly serious charge that is often reviled by
the public.

This is the charge facing a former Baltimore fireman who was taken into
police custody last week. The man is accused of committing sexual abuse
on a minor family member.

The family member alleges that the man abused him or her several times
at a number of different places across the country. As is common in such
cases, the identity of the alleged victim has been protected by the police
and the media, and very few details of the crime in question have been released.

Though the family member’s name has been made anonymous, the man
accused of the crimes must face the media attention that has been leveled
at him. In such cases, it is important that the public withhold judgment
on the man until the justice system has run its course — he is,
after all, innocent until proven guilty.

The man accused of the
sex crimes may be best known to the community as the “Baltimore Birdman,”
a sports aficionado who can commonly be seen at Ravens and Orioles games
dressed in festive, outlandish outfits. He also restores classic vehicles
in a Ravens or Orioles theme, a pastime that once earned him an interview
with a local news source. Until his retirement in 2008, the “Baltimore
Birdman” was a captain of the Baltimore County Fire Department.

Following his arrest last week, the man posted $750,000 bail and was released.


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