Former Maryland police officer arrested for weapons charges

Former Maryland police officer arrested for weapons charges

The sale and resale of firearms is a closely regulated practice in Maryland.
Assault weapons, in particular, have been under harsh scrutiny in recent
years, and there are strict regulations that must be followed when trying
to make a sale. Failure to follow these regulations can land a gun owner
in a lot of trouble, as one former Ocean City police officer recently
found out.

The former officer, who worked for the Ocean City police department from
1999 to 2007, is facing weapons charges after being accused of illegally
selling an assault rifle, magazines and ammunition to an unnamed buyer.
The man apparently met the buyer in the parking lot of a Ford dealership.
After a bit of haggling, police say, the former officer sold the gun for
$700. Included in the sale were four 30-round magazines, all fully loaded.

Regulated firearms sales require both parties to file certain paperwork,
allowing the sale to be catalogued. Police say that none of the required
paperwork was completed in this case.

State police investigators got on the case after receiving a tip from the
Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force about the possible sale of an assault
weapon. They arrested the former officer on July 15. He was taken into
custody and charged with unlawful sale or transfer of a regulated firearm
and four counts of assault weapons violations.

This case shows that even those who are well trained in the law can sometimes
fall afoul of it. The question still remains, however, whether the man
deserves to face all of the charges that have been leveled against him.
The letter of the law often allows authorities to call for a large number
of criminal charges. In cases such as this one, however, a criminal defense
attorney can assist the accused by reviewing the case to determine if
all the charges are justified. If not, an attorney can work to have them
dropped from consideration.