Major drug bust arrests nine in Baltimore

Major drug bust arrests nine in Baltimore

According to local police officials, nine Baltimore residents were recently
arrested on a variety of
drug charges. Police officers are calling it a major bust, characterizing the nine
arrested people as large players in the local drug scene who have been
“terrorizing” the community for years.

Police say the nine people are part of a drug-related organization, though
they haven’t disclosed which one. All nine were arrested on suspicion
of dealing heroin and cocaine.

According to police officers, the neighborhood in which the nine were arrested
has become something of a hotbed of illegal activity in recent years.
The drug organization to which they belonged is believed to be responsible
for over 60 violent crimes since 2010. One street in particular has seen
three shootings in the past three weeks.

With the arrest of these nine people, police hope to help alleviate the
violence problem in West Baltimore. None of the arrested people appear
to have been charged with a violent crime, however; they are currently
only facing drug charges.

They may face additional charges in the near future, however. During a
press conference, one prosecutor was asked what could be done about the
“revolving door” of city jails. The prosecutor replied that
he plans to add a conspiracy charge to some of the other drug-related
offenses, which would drastically increase the amount of time the suspects
would be incarcerated if found guilty.

Of course, charges related to drug dealing can already bring very long
jail times; the addition of a conspiracy charge would likely boost the
potential sentence even further.


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