Maryland gynecologist accused of drug crimes

Maryland gynecologist accused of drug crimes

Prescription drug abuse is among the most common drug-related crimes in
Maryland; every day, thousands of prescription pills are used improperly
and in violation of their intended use. Some of these drugs are exposed
to the public through legitimate users who choose to sell their excess
drugs to other people. Many, however, come through doctors who either
willfully or mistakenly allow prescription drugs to be dispensed to illegitimate users.

Doctors, of course, have easy access to large amounts of prescription drugs,
and therefore, are a common target for drug investigations. In some cases,
it can be difficult to discern whether the drugs handled and dispensed
by the doctor were sold for legitimate or illegitimate uses. In some cases,
properly dispensed drugs can be viewed as illegal. If a doctor knowingly
dispenses prescription drugs illegally, however, the penalties will often
be severe.

A Maryland gynecologist may soon be facing such penalties after he was
accused of purchasing large amounts of prescription drugs and storing
them in his office. A colleague discovered the drugs and notified authorities,
which led to his dismissal from the hospital at which he was employed.
Though the drugs had apparently disappeared by the time the police arrived,
the colleague had photographed them, noting that the doctor was not licensed
to prescribe those types of drugs. The gynecologist said he was unable
to account for the drugs’ disappearance.

Federal agents raided the man’s home and found a number of prescription
drugs there, many of which were in bottles labeled for other people. Officers
say they also found cocaine residue on the man’s kitchen table.
Drug tests were positive for cocaine use in the past three months, although
the doctor denies these allegations.

The man is now facing disciplinary action by the Maryland Board of Physicians. Criminal
drug charges may be forthcoming in the near future.


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