Maryland man charged with 15-year-old sex crimes

Maryland man charged with 15-year-old sex crimes

Sometimes, criminal allegations catch up with defendants years after the
alleged crimes were committed.

A 47-year-old Baltimore man is facing a slew of
child sexual abuse allegations after being arrested for a case that originated in 1997. The
man became the target of a sex crimes investigation after a family member
of the victim alleged that the child was abused by the defendant from
1997 until 2003 — until the time the victim was 13. Authorities
say that the man is accused of perpetrating some 200 separate incidents
of sexual abuse during that seven-year period.

After the relative reported the crime, officers interviewed the victim.
That man, now 23, told authorities that family members trusted the man,
allowing the pair to spend weekends together. Instead of participating
in wholesome activities, however, the victim claims that he was raped
by the man, who often plied that young man and two others with alcohol
and drugs. Not only would the child awaken to find the man violating him,
but he reported that he was also forced to engage in sex misconduct, sometimes
being menaced with a weapon.

The man is facing child abuse charges, along with first-, second- and third-degree
sex crimes allegations. Authorities are still in search of other victims.

In this instance, the man is being accused of a crime spree that ended
a decade ago. It is not clear whether a statute of limitations applies
to this type of case, but such provisions often clear defendants of unsubstantiated,
old allegations. In this situation, there may not be any physical evidence
to tie the man to the alleged abuse; sadly, these often turn into cases
that rely heavily on circumstantial evidence and emotions. Defendants
in outdated sex crimes cases have a variety of options that will help
them get the fair trial they need and deserve. Criminal defense attorneys
can help those facing sex crimes charges learn more about their legal
rights and options, maximizing the outcome of the criminal case.

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