Maryland man sentenced to 11 years for drug crime

Maryland man sentenced to 11 years for drug crime

Drug crimes are among the most harshly punished offenses in our society.
Ever since the War on Drugs began in the late 1980s, prison terms for
drug offenders have skyrocketed. Though that trend seems to finally be
reversing, those who are convicted on
drug charges can still face years, or even decades behind bars.

This is the fate for one Maryland man, a 35-year-old Gaithersburg resident
who was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role in a heroin
and cocaine trafficking operation. Prosecutors say the man was responsible
for transporting the drugs between Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Houston,
Atlanta and Maryland. Transporting drugs across state lines makes the
crime an even more serious matter, and it caused the man to be charged
with interstate travel for narcotics activity.

The most serious charge, conspiring to distribute more than a kilogram
of heroin and five kilograms of cocaine, likely resulted in the bulk of
the weighty sentence. However, prosecutors accused him of a number of
lesser charges as well.

For example, in addition to transporting drugs across state lines, the
man also stored the drugs in his house, which caused him to be charged
with managing a place used to distribute and store drugs. Another charge,
using a telephone to further a drug trafficking offense, is a fairly common
offense in such cases.

The man was one of three who were implicated by the same investigation.
One man, apparently the ringleader, was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.
Another man, a delivery man, was given 10 years. All three men will face
five years of additional supervision following their release from prison.


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