Unusual break-in leads to 6-12 year prison term

Unusual break-in leads to 6-12 year prison term

Breaking and entering is a crime that often results in heavy prison sentences
or fines. While the financial damage from the crime itself is often compensated
by homeowner’s insurance, many victims of robberies cite mental
anguish resulting from the incident, a fact that often leads to longer

Of course, sentencing varies wildly depending on the circumstances. A person
with no prior criminal history will likely receive a lighter sentence,
for example, than a person who has a long criminal record. The circumstances
of the incident are also important; attorneys involved in a breaking and
entering will often work to point out any unusual circumstances that could
result in a lighter sentence.

One Maryland man was given the relatively harsh sentence of six to 12 years
for his actions in a break-in last year. On Aug. 22, 2012, the man apparently
entered the hotel room of a business traveler and concealed himself under
her bed. The man then apparently waited for the woman to return and while
she was asleep, stole money and credit cards and attempted to get into
bed with her. When she awoke, he fled.

The man later used the woman’s debt card to make purchases at two
locations, all totaling less than $150.

He was arrested and charged with simple assault,
burglary, theft and access device fraud. The man apologized and pleaded guilty.
The judge took the apology and the guilty plea into account when determining
the sentence, but also noted that the man had a long criminal history.
He then settled on the six to 12 year prison term.

Even though crimes such as this one can garner a lot of media attention,
an experienced criminal defense attorney will work diligently to protect
the rights of his or her clients. It’s important to remember that
any one charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Source: Erie Times-News, “Man sentenced for Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel break-in” Lisa Thomson, Nov. 12, 2013