7-Year-Old Suspended Over Playing Guns

7-Year-Old Suspended Over Playing Guns

A 7-year-old was suspended over playing guns with a classmate, using his
pencil as the “gun,” and making shooting noises with his mouth,
as 7-year-old boys playing guns tend to do. In playing guns the boy ran
afoul of his school’s zero-tolerance policy regarding weapons, as
Jesse Walker writes for Reason.

Had the boy actually brought a gun to school – even just a toy gun
– the consequences would probably have been much worse, rather than
just the two days of suspension.

But the suspension itself does send a clear message that zero-tolerance
policies can go too far.

After all, the boy apparently obeyed the teacher’s order to stop
playing guns, yet was still punished for violating the zero-tolerance
policy. Had the boy been much older, say, a teen, and had he brought an
actual gun to school, that’s obviously cause for school officials
to be concerned, and would have brought down criminal weapons charges.

But suspending a 7-year-old for playing guns with a pencil? That might
go a bit too far, in spite of our nation’s recent tragedies involving firearms.

A Pencil Is Considered a Weapon When It’s Pointed At Someone in a
Threatening Way and Gunlike Noises Are Made