Cadillac Ranch arts patron Stanley Marsh 3 charged with sex crimes

Cadillac Ranch arts patron Stanley Marsh 3 charged with sex crimes

Stanley Marsh 3 – the number 3 is part of his legal name –
is perhaps best known as a patron of the arts, specifically the
Ranch public art installation in Amarillo, Texas, which features a line of Cadillac
cars half-buried in the sand, which are covered and routinely re-covered
in graffiti.

But recurrent criminal charges involving sex offenses have plagued Marsh
over the years, diminishing to a certain extent – as anyone accused
of a sex crime would tell you – his reputation.

Betsy Blaney with the Associated Press reports that Marsh has recently
been indicted on multiple counts of sex assault charges involving underage
teens. Prior related accusations took place in 1996, 1998, and 2001, and
involve civil lawsuits that were ultimately settled.

In 2011 Marsh suffered a series of strokes, according to Wikipedia. Notably,
Marsh’s defense attorneys in the latest indictment said that those
who have accused Marsh of sexual misconduct only came forward until after
the strokes that left him incapacitated.

Marsh faces criminal punishment in Texas. In Maryland, where we practice
law, the criminal punishment for sex offenses is just as serious. Those
who are accused of something like
child molestation are urged to contact a defense attorney right away.

Millionaire Marsh indicted on sex assault charges