Demand for bath salts in Maryland skyrockets

Demand for bath salts in Maryland skyrockets

Bath salts are a relatively new player in the world of illegal drugs —
so new, in fact, that their use was not technically labeled a
drug crime until quite recently. Their pharmacological effect, however, is similar
to that of cocaine, and the results of bath salt use can be just as devastating.

Recently, a teenager in Harford County was shot and killed by police officers.
The boy’s father says the teenager may have been high on bath salts
at the time. The case is just one of many tragedies associated with bath
salts, tragedies that lead lawmakers and drug enforcement officials to
crack down on the synthetic drug.

Bath salts are a designer drug, carefully constructed in the early 2000s
to sidestep existing drug legislation. When they were first constructed,
bath salts could be sold openly over the Internet, with dealers using
social networks to drum up business. Now, bath salts are a banned substance,
but police say the drug manufacturers are often one step ahead of the
legislators. After a new law is passed, underground chemists quickly alter
the composition of their creation, swapping out ingredients to skirt around
the edges of the legislation.

Like many other drugs, bath salts are still readily available in Maryland,
though users should not be deceived into thinking their use is safe and
legal. The DEA has proven that it is determined to stamp out bath salt
use, and possession or sale of the designer drug can land a user in a
great deal of trouble. Those who find themselves in such a situation may
wish to learn more attorney about the current state of bath salts regulations
and their effect on the client’s case.


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