Guns: Lawmakers vote no on expanded background checks

Guns: Lawmakers vote no on expanded background checks

Jonathan Weisman with the New York Times reports that the gun bill is a
no-go. Enough lawmakers in the U.S. Senate voted against the bill, which
killed it. This means that there will not, at this time anyway, be expanded
background checks on those who want to buy guns.

The gun bill also would have included bans on high-capacity magazines and
assault weapons.

These bans may very well have contributed to the bill’s demise, and
were fiercely contested by the National Rifle Association, which lobbied
extensively in opposition to the bill. As Weisman reports, the NRA spent
half a million bucks during yesterday’s debate.

The gun bill appears to have had serious enough flaws for both supporters
and opponents of gun control, despite its bipartisan crafting, which is
probably the real reason the bill stalled out. “Stiffer penalties”
on those accused of gun trafficking, for instance, were voted down, right
along with the proposal for expanded background checks.

Of its defeat, President Obama said: “It came down to politics –
the worry that the vocal minority of gun owners would come after them
in future elections,” according to Olivier Knox with Yahoo! News.

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