High School Senior Charged For Relationship With Freshman

High School Senior Charged For Relationship With Freshman

A quote of the Sebastian River High School softball coach says it all:

“It should have been settled at a lower level instead of getting
as big as it did. There’s been freshman girls on my team talking
about dating senior baseball players. It shouldn’t be that big of
a deal.”

For one 18-year-old senior, it is a big deal. She’s facing felony
sex offense charges for a relationship she had with a 14-year-old freshman,
a relationship which apparently began when both were minors.

But now that the senior has crossed that age line into 18, the authorities
in her state suddenly have a problem with their four-year age gap. Felony
charges are life-changing, especially sex-related, as it could mean that
the senior, should she be convicted or even plea down to a lesser offense,
might have to
register as a sex offender.

This is a classic case wherein two young people become sexually involved.
One is deemed “too young to consent” and the other deemed
a “sexual predator,” or something akin to that, at least in
the eyes of the law.

Meghan McRoberts for WPTV again quotes the coach: “They can play
on the same basketball team together. They should be able to date.”

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