Massive French Loaf-sized Joint Confiscated By Police On 4/20

Massive French Loaf-sized Joint Confiscated By Police On 4/20

April 20 is marijuana day, so to speak, and Mark Russell with Newser reports
that one 25-year-old man took his celebrations to a whole new level with
a 4-foot, 2-pound joint. It almost goes without saying, but this was above
the limited amount of marijuana you can possess under California law,
leading to
drug possession charges against the man.

Russell characterizes the size of the joint as bigger than a loaf of French bread.

And the whole thing was caught on video, with the cop hauling the joint
away, and the man saying: “Dude, you’re a liar” and
“We’re going to court, buddy.” The cop is trudging through
the grassy field with the French loaf in his hands and the 25-year-old
is clearly peeved that he’s lost his massive joint.

This took place in the midst of a gathering in celebration of 4/20 on a
college campus. Russell reports that usually police confiscate smaller
items every year on 4/20, like drug paraphernalia, but the size of this
joint obviously called attention to itself.

It’s unlikely that drug distribution charges would stick, as if the
25-year-old was a dealer, given the circumstances, but the possession
charges are a whole other matter.

Police confiscate 4-foot, 2-pound marijuana joint