More Than 100 Child Sex-Trafficking Victims Rescued

More Than 100 Child Sex-Trafficking Victims Rescued

“At first it was terrifying,” said one victim, Alexandria,
about her experience as a prostitute at the age of 16, “and then
you just kind of become numb to it. You put on a whole different attitude
– like a different person. It wasn’t me. I know that. Nothing
about it was me.”

Alexandria is now 21. In the video published by the Huffington Post, she
describes how widespread child sex-trafficking is. “It could be
your neighbors next door,” she says.

She goes on to describe how victims of child sex-trafficking tend to feel
that there are no other options – no way to get food, clothing,
shelter – and so turn to prostitution to survive. According to the
Huffington Post, the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative has
helped rescue 2,700 kids who were caught up in prostitution and sex trafficking.

In addition to the 105 children who were rescued in the recent three-day
sweep conducted by the FBI, the Huffington Post reports that 150 pimps
and others involved in the trade were arrested, many of whom are likely
to be charged with
serious sex crimes that can mean years behind bars if convicted.

Child Sex Trafficking Rescue: FBI Saves 105 Victims in ‘Operation
Cross Country’