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Our Blog In Month: September 2017

  • Zimmerman Declines Stand-Your-Ground Hearing In Murder Case

    Kyle Hightower with the Associated Press reports that George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch leader charged with the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida (take ...

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  • Guns: Lawmakers vote no on expanded background checks

    Jonathan Weisman with the New York Times reports that the gun bill is a no-go. Enough lawmakers in the U.S. Senate voted against the bill, ...

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  • 7-Year-Old Suspended Over Playing Guns

    A 7-year-old was suspended over playing guns with a classmate, using his pencil as the “gun,” and making shooting noises with his mouth, as 7-year-old ...

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  • Former trader convicted of wire fraud after $8.3 billion trade

    As Chad Bray reports for the Wall Street Journal, 34-year-old finance trader Matthew Taylor pleaded guilty in federal court today to a white collar crime ...

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  • Attorney: Evidence Will ‘Prejudice The Jury’ In Trayvon Martin Shooting

    Images of a handgun and marijuana, among other pictures, as well as text messages sent and received from Trayvon Martin’s phone, will be introduced as ...

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  • High School Senior Charged For Relationship With Freshman

    A quote of the Sebastian River High School softball coach says it all: “It should have been settled at a lower level instead of getting ...

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  • Judge Denies Motion To Delay Trial In Travyon Martin Shooting

    George Zimmerman’s upcoming murder trial is set for June 10. Judge Debra Nelson recently ruled on a set of motions, among them a request to ...

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  • Marijuana Headed Toward Legalization Nationwide?

    No, marijuana is not legal nationwide. Not yet, anyway. As Christopher Matthews writes for TIME, we may be headed in that direction, and recent developments ...

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  • Former Baptist minister faces 22 counts of sex crimes in Maryland

    Marty Madden, reporting for the Bay Net, says that the defense lawyer representing a former Baptist minister against child sex abuse charges has said no ...

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  • No Amount Of Money Makes Up For Years Behind Bars

    It’s never easy reading about wrongful convictions. John O’Brien with the Post-Standard reports that a man in New York spent almost a decade behind bars ...

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