Son of federal lawmaker arrested for underage drinking (again)

Son of federal lawmaker arrested for underage drinking (again)

Not a local story, but some issues go beyond state borders to speak more
broadly. When it comes to juvenile crimes, some kids are going to face
more scrutiny than others, especially if you’re the son of a politician.

Although it must be said that any juvenile crime like
underage drinking will have an impact on a young person’s life.

In the case of 18-year-old James Barrow, who is the son of U.S. Congressman
John Barrow, the young man has recently been arrested for underage drinking,
after having “caused a disturbance,” as the Athens Banner-Herald
reports, near his mother’s veterinary clinic.

This makes it Barrow’s third arrest for an offense involving alcohol.
According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Barrow was arrested for DUI and
marijuana in January, and caught a second underage drinking charge shortly
before the third arrest.

Given the pattern of alcohol-related incidents, one may speculate that
Barrow might have a substance-abuse problem – and getting locked
up, if Barrow makes it worse by committing another crime – might
only make that worse.

In Maryland, as elsewhere, young people accused of juvenile crimes can
end up with criminal records. Underage drinking and possession of alcohol
in Maryland are misdemeanor crimes, again, just like in other states,
which makes Barrow’s case of broad interest to any young person
accused of a crime. Kids make mistakes, and they should have the opportunity
to correct those mistakes, with the right help.

Congressman’s son again arrested in Athens