‘This Is My Jail,’ Says Gang Leader Inside Baltimore City Detention Center

‘This Is My Jail,’ Says Gang Leader Inside Baltimore City Detention Center

“This is my jail,” said the leader of the Black Guerrilla Family
while on the phone from inside the Baltimore City Detention Center. “You
understand that? I’m dead serious. I make every final call in this

Not only was it apparently his jail – at least before federal authorities brought
drug charges (for smuggling) – but the leader is thought to have gotten four
guards pregnant, fathering five kids.

Federal authorities believe that there was a scheme between members of
the jailhouse gang, as reporters with the Mail Online characterize it,
and the guards charged with keeping watch. This scheme involved a not
insignificant amount of sex, apparently, in an effort to get four of the
guards, who gang members say were specifically targeted for perceived
low self-esteem, to cooperate.

The gang smuggled drugs, mobile phones and other things into the jail,
and reaped financial rewards, too, which allowed for the purchase of a
BMW and Mercedes. Some of the guards drove those cars outside of work.

Specific charges include conspiracy, drug possession, drug distribution,
and money laundering.

In Maryland, federal drug charges are generally more serious than state
charges, though that is by no means the rule.

Jailed gang leader fathered five children with four female prison guards