U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen Face Rape Charges

U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen Face Rape Charges

Football players at the
U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland will soon be charged with
rape, as Annys Shin reports for the Washington Post, which was allegedly perpetrated
against a female midshipman (students are known as “midshipman”
at the Naval Academy) in 2012 at a house party that took place off-campus.

There appear to be at least three male midshipmen involved in the alleged
crime, all of whom face – if the charges are proven – the
usual punishment like time behind bars, but also risk losing their careers
by getting kicked out of the military.

Prosecutors involved in the case began investigating a year ago and recently
recommended to Superintendent Vice Admiral Michael Miller that charges
be filed against the Midshipmen. According to Shin, Miller has always
followed the course of action recommended by military prosecutors in other
criminal cases. So a preliminary hearing is next on the agenda.

The alleged sex assault victim’s lawyer said that Miller was dragging
his feet, given the length of the investigation. At the same time, this
case and others involving sex crimes continue to plague the armed services,
calling into question commanders’ willingness and ability to punish
military students and servicemembers for committing sex crimes.

Naval Academy football players face charges over alleged 2012 rape