UK Government’s Move Gets Awful Close To Internet Censorship

UK Government’s Move Gets Awful Close To Internet Censorship

The UK government has taken steps to curb easy access to online porn. In
a report published by the BBC, Prime Minister David Cameron blamed pornography
for “corroding childhood.” Cameron also blamed internet service
providers for “not doing enough to take responsibility” for
this corrosion. In other words, he’s saying enough is enough, and
it will soon be the default setting in the UK for online pornography to
be censored.

Don’t misunderstand the UK government: It’s not like people
cannot gain access to online porn if they want to, but they will have
to affirmatively choose their option: Porn or no porn. If an individual
chooses not to choose, the default will be no porn, which means that an
internet search query for porn will call up no results.

The BBC characterizes this as family-friendly search filters that a parent
could choose to turn off.

Online pornography for adults by adults doesn’t seem to be at the
root of the UK government’s move. Rather, it seems as though curbing
child pornography is the goal. “[I]n the darkest corners of the internet,” Cameron
said, “there are things going on that are a direct danger to our
children, and that must be stamped out.”

Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM announces