When People Make ‘Dumb’ Mistakes

When People Make ‘Dumb’ Mistakes

He might be smart, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make honest
mistakes like the rest of us. As Brian Doherty writes for Reason, a smart
high school honors student made what some people might call a “dumb”
mistake, by showing up to school in the morning with a shotgun in his
pickup truck.

He’d been skeet shooting the day before with a friend and it appears
as though he simply forgot the shotgun was there. Rather than drive back
home (and be late for school) the honors student simply went inside and
called his mother from the principal’s office, presumably to have
her come get the shotgun.

But school officials overheard the conversation. One thing led to another,
and before you know it, this student’s “dumb” mistake
became felony weapons charges.

Now, is that fair? Does that make sense? School officials are standing
behind a wall of “the law is the law,” yet at the same time,
the school’s zero-tolerance policy takes an honest (or “dumb”
mistake, depending on your viewpoint), and puts a young person’s
future in jeopardy.

As Doherty points out, the student has (or had?) a college scholarship.
Now that he’s been charged with a weapons-related felony, all because
he tried to do the right thing in correcting a mistake, that scholarship
could be yanked away.

Forgetful Skeet Shooting Honors Student Expelled from High School, Facing
Felony Weapons Charges