Zimmerman Declines Stand-Your-Ground Hearing In Murder Case

Zimmerman Declines Stand-Your-Ground Hearing In Murder Case

Kyle Hightower with the Associated Press reports that George Zimmerman,
the neighborhood watch leader charged with the second-degree murder of
Trayvon Martin in Florida (take a look at our earlier post for context),
with the advice of his defense team, has decided not to have a hearing
in front of a judge to decide the issue of “stand your ground.”

As Hightower reports, the judge at the hearing (should it take place) would
decide whether Zimmerman is immune from prosecution based on self-defense.
But the defense team opted for the jury instead of the judge, deciding
that it would be best for a jury to decide the issue.

And that will happen relatively soon, as Zimmerman’s trial date –
he is charged with second-degree murder – is set for June.

As we wrote in that earlier post, Maryland’s self-defense law does
not generally give people the right to use deadly force outside of the
home. What ultimately happens depends on the facts and situation, of course,
and in Florida, the self-defense law does not give you a duty to retreat
from a threat (generally speaking).

Source: George Zimmerman agrees with attorneys, won’t use ‘Stand
Your Ground’ law before murder trial