10 Maryland sorority sisters charged with assault, hazing

10 Maryland sorority sisters charged with assault, hazing

Much has been written about the dangers associated with hazing sorority
and fraternity pledges. While some Greek organizations engage in this
type of behavior, it is by no means what all pledges experience. However,
any allegation of this type of behavior is aggressively investigated.

Recently, investigators looked into accusations that Zeta Phi Beta sorority
members at University of Maryland, College Park, assaulted a pledge in
October of last year as part of her initiation into the organization.
The woman who claimed she was assaulted said she was attacked on three
separate occasions last fall. According to the alleged victim, the first
assault occurred when the attackers pushed her into a wall near Annapolis
Road and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and repeated punched her.

The woman claimed the following day, the sorority members took her to a
home in Bladensburg, where she was again pushed into a wall and punched
repeatedly. Two days after that, she reported that she was brought to
a home in Adelphi, where she was repeatedly punched, as well as grabbed
by her shirt, spun around the room and struck with an oak paddle.

After the alleged attacks, the woman said she withdrew from the sorority.
She reported the assaults to the university, which in turn contacted the
police. After investigating the allegations, Prince George’s County
police officials filed assault and hazing charges against 10 sorority sisters.

Law enforcement officials charged each of the women with second-degree
assault and hazing. Each assault charge carries a maximum of 10 years
in prison, as well as a hefty $2,500 fine. The hazing charge carries a
maximum sentence of six months in prison and a $500 fine. We will likely
hear more about this case in the coming weeks and months.

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