Baltimore County police union president charged with assault

Baltimore County police union president charged with assault

The president of the Baltimore County police officers union has recently
been accused of threatening a driver with a firearm outside his Parkville
home. He has been charged with second-degree assault and reckless endangerment,
both of which are misdemeanors.

The charges came after an altercation last week. A sedan driver was parked
outside the Parkville Condominium Community. The police officer, who heads
his neighborhood watch group, apparently believed that the driver was
involved in shady activity and asked him what he was doing there. When
the driver responded that he was waiting for a customer to return from
his home with money to pay him for a ride, the officer reportedly began
to curse at him and accuse him of being a drug dealer.

The off-duty police officer, a 27-year-old veteran with the department,
allegedly then pounded on the roof of the car and reached into the vehicle
to punch the driver in the face. According to the driver, the officer
then pulled a handgun from his waistband, pointed it at his face and instructed
him to remain in the car.

The officer explained that he felt the sedan was suspicious, and he feared
for his safety due to recent criminal activity in the neighborhood. The
officer admitted pulling out his gun, but he insisted he kept it at his
side, not pointed at the driver’s face.

Investigators believe the officer had been drinking prior to the incident.
He has been suspended without pay from the Baltimore County Police Department,
pending the outcome of the criminal proceeding and a separate Internal
Affairs investigation.

To avoid a potential conflict of interest, the case has been transferred
to Harford County, as the Baltimore County State’s Attorney was
endorsed by the county police union in the latest election.

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