Baltimore man faces trial on rape charges

Baltimore man faces trial on rape charges

While rape cases often involve DNA and other technical evidence, they typically
boil down to the testimony of the alleged victim. Because these are emotionally-charged
cases, people accused of committing
rape need to think logically and protect themselves from life-altering ramifications.
A defendant needs an attorney who is willing to aggressively cross-examine
an alleged victim to discover any inconsistencies that could turn a loss
into a win in the courtroom.

A 20-year-old Baltimore man was arrested last October for allegedly sexually
assaulting a woman at a private home during a party last summer. The man,
who played defensive back for the University of New Hampshire football
team at the time, was charged with two counts of aggravated felonious
sexual assault. He was released from custody when his mother posted his
$50,000 bail.

The police found the defendant’s DNA on the alleged victim’s
clothing, and the defendant admitted that the two had engaged in sexual
activity. However, he insists he is not guilty of raping the woman. Understandably,
he is seeking to avoid conviction, which could lead to prison time, extended
probation, sex offender program participation or even sex offender registration.

In addition to potential criminal penalties, a rape charge can significantly
impact other aspects of a person’s life. The defendant in this case
had been a defensive back on the university’s football team. After
his arrest, he was suspended from the team, even though he had only been
charged and not found guilty. This was a major blow to the defendant.

The criminal trial is scheduled to begin in August. Experts predict it
could take up to two weeks for the court to render a decision in the matter.

If you are facing rape charges in Baltimore, contact a
Maryland criminal lawyer before you talk to police or anyone else.