Bus driver carrying passengers to Baltimore charged with DUI

Bus driver carrying passengers to Baltimore charged with DUI

A driver of a BoltBus traveling from New York to Baltimore was recently
arrested for
drunk driving. According to authorities, the driver was handling the bus, which was
filled with passengers, erratically. Apparently, the driver was acting
so strangely that one passenger called 911 to report that something was
out of the ordinary.

Around 4:00 in the afternoon, the bus was pulled over near the Camden-Philadelphia
interchange. The authorities reportedly asked the driver to leave the
vehicle and participate in a range of sobriety tests. The driver complied
with their requests. However, after closely observing the driver, the
police came to believe the individual showed signs of being under the
influence of alcohol. They arrested the driver on the spot.

According to news reports, the passengers waited on the side of the turnpike
for hours. Some were able to get on another bus, while the others waited
for another driver to arrive and bring them to Baltimore. The bus company
refunded all passengers on board for their fares.

Anyone charged with drunk driving knows that there is more to worry about
than the arrest, though that must be dealt with promptly. In many instances,
the charge can negatively impact a person’s career. The bus driver
in this case has been suspended from BoltBus, pending the outcome of the
DUI investigation. A spokesperson for the company said the driver has
been driving for the company since 2009 and had a good record prior to
this incident. However, his future with the company depends on how his
drunk driving case turns out.

Source: NBC Philadelphia,
“BoltBus Driver Busted for DUI on the NJ Turnpike,” Dan Stamm, 12 March 2011