Corrections officer ‘pushes’ marijuana and foxy in Baltimore

Corrections officer ‘pushes’ marijuana and foxy in Baltimore

As Justin Fenton reports for the Baltimore Sun, a 44-year-old corrections
officer was apparently selling marijuana and the hallucinogen “foxy”
inside the Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center. He got hit with
eight different
drug-related charges, including possession with intent to distribute.

According to Fenton, foxy is commonly used in raves and other events as
a substitute for the drug ecstasy, and has been outlawed since 2003. It
has the potential for the “substantial enhancement of the appreciation
for quality of music,” at least according to Wikipedia, which could
explain the drug’s prevalence at raves. At the same time, possible
negative side effects include vomiting and other problems.

As a psychedelic drug, foxy is a Schedule I controlled substance, as classified
by the Drug Enforcement Agency, which means that you’re going to
face worse consequences for possession of foxy than you generally would
for a small amount of marijuana.

How long the 44-year-old corrections officer was “pushing”
marijuana and foxy wasn’t made known in the report, but he must
have been getting away with it long enough before arousing suspicion,
as Central Booking staff “had some worries” that they eventually
brought to the attention of law enforcement.

In Maryland, possession with intent to distribute is generally more severe
than possession alone and can result in years in prison.

Corrections officer charged with having rave drug in Central Booking