Gas prices go up, teen (drunk) driving goes down

Gas prices go up, teen (drunk) driving goes down

Los Angeles Times reporter Tiffany Hsu writes about a “serious upside”
to the price of gas. To wit: fewer teen drunk drivers on the roads. The
Centers for Disease Control said: “Teens are especially sensitive
to increases in gasoline prices and declines in economic conditions…”

So teens are broke, or most of them, anyway, which seems to be the nature
of this story. But that doesn’t mean that no more young folks are
getting in trouble for
traffic infractions and DUIs. There are still plenty who do, and the consequences are no less
serious just because fewer teens are out driving.

But high gas prices aren’t the only thing said to contribute to the
decline in teen DUI. Here are the others:

· Crack-downs on fake IDs at retail liquor stores

· Graduated driver’s license programs

· Not as many jobs for teens after the Great Recession

For a young person who finds himself or herself in trouble with the law,
it’s important to do what you can to keep a DUI or other traffic-related
violation off your record. For a young person just starting out, getting
a job is important, and employers like clean records. If you cannot find
a job because of a criminal record, high gas prices won’t be your
only problem.

Teen drunk driving declines as gas prices rise