Happy ending for Maryland student-athlete accused of sexual assault

Happy ending for Maryland student-athlete accused of sexual assault

At first, it must have looked like the college basketball career of Maryland
student-athlete Dezmine Wells was over. Wells was expelled from Xavier
in the wake of allegations of
sexual assault and he lost his eligibility to play.

Despite having been cleared (a grand jury refused to indict Wells) and
a prosecutor’s letter suggesting Xavier should reinstate Wells,
the powers-that-be at Xavier did not.

Obviously, this left Wells’s future in question.

The whole case underscores the severity of consequences that follow after
someone is accused of a sex crime. Wells was both expelled from school
and lost his eligibility to play college basketball – all for a
crime for which he was later cleared.

On top of that, the NCAA initially denied granting Wells a waiver so that
he could come back.

Fortunately, his story has a happy ending.

After an appeal to the NCAA Division I Legislative Council Subcommittee
for Legislative Relief, that initial denial was overturned, and Wells
was able to transfer to the University of Maryland and join the basketball
program there.

As Nicole Auerbach reports for USA Today, Wells’s new coach said,
“This has been a long process for him and his family, and we’re
grateful he can put it behind him and focus on being a student-athlete
at the University of Maryland.”

Maryland’s Dez Wells wins appeal, gains eligibility