Less gun violence in Baltimore in 2012

Less gun violence in Baltimore in 2012

According to the Baltimore Brew, murder rates in Baltimore went up in 2012
(to the tune of 10 percent) while the rate of overall violent crime in
the city went down (by five percent). This puts Baltimore squarely in
the “violence-prone cities” camp, at least according to the
writers of the story, alongside the likes of Detroit, Cleveland and Oakland, Calif.

There may have been 217 homicide cases in Baltimore last year, but city
leaders are stressing the positives, such as 416 fewer people victimized
by violence crime, and fewer cases of violence involving guns.

Total gun crime, according to statistics reported by the Baltimore Brew,
went down by six percent, in cases that included shooting, carjacking
and armed robbery.

In Mark Reutter’s photo, featured at the top of the Baltimore Brew
report, a number of shotguns are pictured as part of a “goods for
guns” exchange in Northeast Baltimore, an exchange which may contribute
to the statistic cited above.

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Homicides jump 10% as overall city crime drops