Mom hires strippers for her son’s sweet 16

Mom hires strippers for her son’s sweet 16

This case gets about as close as you can get to a
sex crime, without it actually being a sex crime. As Jack Maddox reports for CNN,
a 33-year-old mother in New York is charged with multiple counts of endangering
the welfare of a child.

For her son’s sixteenth birthday party and his four friends, the
mother is said to have supplied the strippers.

The party took place in the private room of a local bowling establishment,
apparently, and had pictures not been posted (as usual) on Facebook, she
might not have been charged.

But outraged parents saw the pictures and took them to local authorities.

Maddox quotes the prosecutor:

“As difficult as it may be to have to weigh in on these kinds of
cases, certainly exposing the unsuspecting children to this sort of ‘entertainment’
goes beyond the pale when it comes to what is appropriate for 14, 15 and
16 year old child.”

Strippers at teen’s party lead to mom’s arrest