Punting and pimps at the Super Bowl

Punting and pimps at the Super Bowl

Eleanor Goldberg reports for the Huffington Post an interesting story about
the Super Bowl – one that few people realize is a very big part
of the event – and this is
sex trafficking.

“It’s not so much that you become a victim at the Super Bowl,”
said the anti-trafficking organization Operation Freedom Taskforce, “but
that many victims are brought in to be used for all the men at the Super

The Super Bowl is apparently a time for both punting and pimps.

And the prostitutes number in the thousands, if last year’s Super
Bowl in Miami is any indication. There were 10,000 prostitutes brought
in for that Super Bowl, according to Forbes, as Goldberg reports, though
other sources seem to believe that those numbers are exaggerated.

At this year’s Super Bowl, Goldberg reports that there were five
rescues and eight arrests related to human trafficking.

Super Bowl Is Single Largest Sex Trafficking Incident In U.S.: Attorney General