Recorded jailhouse phone calls sink Halloween shooter’s murder case

Recorded jailhouse phone calls sink Halloween shooter’s murder case

Jessica Anderson, writing for the Baltimore Sun, relates a Halloween story
involving one 19-year-old trick-or-treater who wanted to do more than
just scare people. Donning a “Hellraiser” mask with protruding
pins, he went out with his friends with a pistol in his pocket and ended
up shooting three people from the Cherry Hill and Riverview neighborhoods
in Baltimore City, one of whom died.

Ultimately, after a recent trial (the state’s second attempt to convict
the teen) a second-degree murder charge stuck. Sentencing is scheduled
for just after the New Year. As Anderson reports, the 19-year-old faces
a staggering 340 years behind bars for the second-degree conviction, as
well as convictions on 11 other unspecified charges.

The 19-year-old’s case took a turn for the worse after prosecutors
introduced as evidence recorded jailhouse phone calls. The teen had called
people who were to testify as witnesses in his case, warning them off.
Needless to say, prosecutors said that one witness was “reluctant
to appear in court” after the phone calls.

Despite a lack of any direct physical evidence linking the teen to the
violent crime, the jailhouse phone calls are what “sank” his
case, according to the defense attorney. He added that recorded jailhouse
calls are more and more common.

Trick-or-treat killing leads to conviction of Baltimore teen