Sex offense allegations can follow you to the grave

Sex offense allegations can follow you to the grave

Jimmy Savile faced only a few accusations of sex crimes while he was alive,
apparently, but as Jill Lawless reports for the Associated Press, nothing
was done about them, and now hundreds of accusations have surfaced after
his death.

Jimmy Savile was a well-known celebrity in the U.K. in the 1960s up until
the time of his death in 2011. He worked as a DJ and was an entertainer
on TV and radio.

Apparently facing little legal trouble during his lifetime as it relates
to sex crimes, he’s now been called out as the most “prolific”
sex offender in Britain’s recent history. Lawless quotes a police
officer with a special crimes unit: “He was hiding in plain sight,
but none of us were able to do anything about it.”

Savile was also a charity worker, in addition to his work as an entertainer
and celebrity, but any goodwill built up around his memory has all but
been erased after 450 people came forward with claims of sex crimes perpetrated
by Savile.

“Savile cunningly built his entire life around gaining access to
vulnerable children,” said the National Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Children, as Lawless quotes in her AP story. He could have
been prosecuted while he was alive, according to U.K. police, but officials
did not make much effort to go after him.

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Source: Report: Jimmy Savile targeted vulnerable for abuse