Snoop from “The Wire” arrested in Baltimore drug raid

Snoop from “The Wire” arrested in Baltimore drug raid

In an ironic twist, the actress who played the role of a hit-man in a Baltimore
drug gang was recently arrested in a series of
drug raids by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration. Felicia Pearson,
the actress known as Snoop from the HBO series “The Wire,”
was taken into custody and is currently being held without bail in a Baltimore
jail on charges of conspiring to sell heroin, as well as aiding and abetting.

Baltimore police, DEA agents and other authorities initiated the raids
early in the morning on March 10, targeting locations they suspected to
be linked to a large-scale heroin and marijuana operation. They charged
more than 60 people, including Pearson, in the joint state-federal prosecution
of an alleged drug gang.

According to authorities, Pearson and the other defendants purchased heroin
from New York and marijuana from California and then sold the narcotics
in Baltimore. Further, they claimed members of the conspiracy talked about
how they would violently punish those who failed to perform their assigned tasks.

Pearson, 30, adamantly denied the charges. Her attorney stated he was concerned
that this was a case of “guilty by association.”

Pearson’s lawyer is not the only person in her corner. David Simon,
creator of “The Wire” spoke out, saying that the actress deserves
sympathy and the benefit of the doubt. He noted, “The war on drugs
has devolved into a war on the underclass.”

This is not the first time Pearson has been targeted by law enforcement
officers. She was convicted of second-degree murder when she was 14. In
2008, she was arrested on a minor drug charge, though she was later found
to be innocent.

Pearson is best known for her role in “The Wire,” which was
filmed in Baltimore and ran from 2002 to 2008. The HBO crime drama focused
on the city’s struggle with poverty, drug use and violence. Pearson’s
character eliminates several individuals for the show’s fictitious
drug gang.

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