Student accused of cyberbullying expelled, loses college scholarship

Student accused of cyberbullying expelled, loses college scholarship

According to the Los Angeles Times, members’ names of the Archdiocese
of Los Angeles will not be blacked out – as a private mediator had
earlier decided – when the 30,000-page file maintained by the church
is made public in coming weeks.

The mediator, a former judge, had wanted to shield these members’
names from public view, some of which had been accused of
sex offenses like molestation, citing “guilt by association” against those
who hadn’t.

But Judge Emilie H. Elias ruled that the public should know how the archdiocese
dealt with priests accused of sexual misconduct. “Don’t you
think the public has a right to know … what was going on in their
own church?” Elias said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The rather large file contains a number of interesting documents, including
psychiatric records and letters from parents concerning issues with their
children. All told, there were more than 200 priests involved in a lawsuit
that ended up settling for roughly $720 million.

The release of the 30,000-page file, which could possibly implicate other
members who currently serve as priests, was part of that settlement.

Names in archdiocese sex abuse files to be released