Students play (felony-level) prank with weed brownies on ‘food day’

Students play (felony-level) prank with weed brownies on ‘food day’

Marijuana for recreational use may be legal in a couple more states now
after the November 2012 election, but you can still get in trouble for
it, depending on the circumstances. Generally speaking, growing marijuana
(as well as
selling and distributing it) remains illegal in most areas of the country. And the Drug Enforcement
Agency has continued to say that marijuana is illegal under federal law
and that the agency has no plans on backing off from enforcing the law.

Here’s how a couple students recently got in trouble regarding marijuana
(in one of those states that have relaxed prohibitions on marijuana):

The moral of the story: Don’t make weed brownies and bring them to
class without telling anyone what’s in the brownies.

As Matt Pearce reports for the Los Angeles Times, no fewer than seven classmates
got sick, and the teacher ended up in the hospital, after they ate the
brownies. It’s not clear whether the brownies carried food-borne
pathogens, such that the teacher and classmates experienced food poisoning,
or whether it was the marijuana itself that caused the harm, which ranged
from several classmates experiencing anxiety and light-headedness to the
teacher “going in and out of consciousness.”

Pot and brownies a bad mix for University of Colorado class