87-year-old ‘cultivates’ a bit more than allowed in marijuana case

87-year-old ‘cultivates’ a bit more than allowed in marijuana case

An 87-year-old man with the legal authority to use medical marijuana to
treat a medical condition (the condition goes unnamed in the story) looks
to have gone a bit over the line – according to the strictures of
medical marijuana law in Colorado – by growing more than 400 plants
in his backyard.

According to the Huffington Post, the man is out on $10,000 bond, but he
has been charged with “multiple marijuana-related felonies.”
These felonies include possession with
intent to distribute, cultivation, and possession of more than 12 ounces.

Medical marijuana is legal in a growing number of states, but is not in
Maryland. In Colorado, the state in which the 87-year-old man lives, you
can possess marijuana for medical purposes, but cannot grow in excess
of proscribed limits.

Otherwise, as is clear in this case, the cops may figure you for a dealer.

The online comments are varied. One commenter says: “Well, he’s
clearly a danger to society,” while another says: “He is 87
years old, he does not deserve to be in jail!”

Whether you agree with the comments or not, any felony drug-related crime
poses severe consequences for the person who has been charged. A conviction
on drug distribution charges in Maryland, for instance, can lead to years
behind bars.

Source: If you are facing criminal charges, contact a
Baltimore, MD criminal lawyer before you talk to police or anyone else.