Allegations of teacher sexual misconduct and sympathetic teachers unions

Allegations of teacher sexual misconduct and sympathetic teachers unions

As Campbell Brown writes for the Wall Street Journal, teachers unions are
getting a bad rap for the way they’ve been handling allegations of
sexual misconduct perpetrated by teachers against students.

While Brown’s piece focuses on the New York City school system and
how arbitrators are doling out reprimands rather than harsher punishment,
similar problems could persist in other systems across the country.

The gist of Brown’s argument is that well-paid arbitrators have an
incentive to keep getting business from teachers unions, meaning that
teachers accused of sexual abuse are getting to keep their jobs.

“It so messed her up,” said the parent of a daughter who is
said to have been stalked by her former high school teacher, as Brown
quotes. “I can’t protect her.”

So efforts to reform the way these cases are handled are underway, and
these efforts focus on keeping hearings concerning sexual misconduct fair
for the teachers, while limiting the power of arbitrators to be the “final
say,” and instead giving that power to school district higher-ups.

Teacher misconduct is by no means limited to Brown’s subject state.
In Maryland, teachers are regularly accused of misconduct of some type
or another, and deserve an aggressive defense, no matter what they’ve
been charged with.

If you are charged with a sex crime, don’t risk your future, contact a
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