Baltimore gets grant money to help monitor sex offender registry

Baltimore gets grant money to help monitor sex offender registry

If you’ve been convicted of a sex offense, you are required to be
listed on the
sex offender registry (currently, the registry contains roughly 800 persons).

According to the Associated Press, the city of Baltimore and every county
in the state of Maryland has been awarded more than $700,000 in grants
to help law enforcement authorities monitor those who have been convicted
of sex offenses.

The most serious sex offenses, according to the AP, require re-registering
every three months for life, while the less serious offenses require re-registering
every year for 25 years, depending on the circumstances.

That’s a lot of registering that the cops have to keep tabs on.

Doling out the cash is the Governor’s Office of Crime Control &
Prevention in Maryland, which makes as its mission to be a “one-stop
shop for resources to improve public safety,” helping law enforcement
and local government “tap” both state and federal financial

For those unfortunate enough to be under the thumb of the sex offender
registration program in Maryland, you know that the registry can create
a lot of challenges in terms of finding a place to live and work.

If you are facing criminal charges, contact a
Maryland criminal lawyer before you talk to police or anyone else.

Grant to help monitor Maryland sex offenders