Baltimore man found guilty of murdering Marine

Baltimore man found guilty of murdering Marine

Murder is one of the most serious crimes with which a person can be charged.
In this situation, accused people do not need anyone to tell them that
their future and freedom are on the line. What they need is effective
legal representation to help them minimize the impact of the charge or

Recently, a Baltimore Circuit Court jury found a 20-year-old man guilty
of first-degree murder and gun charges. According to prosecutors, in April
2009, the defendant robbed two men who were attending a family barbeque
at a home in Northeast Baltimore. The two cookout guests apparently stepped
outside to use their cell phones when the defendant showed his gun.

According to prosecutors, one of the party guests, who had been in the
Marine Corps, tried to wrestle the gun out of the defendant’s grasp.
During the struggle, the gun went off, killing the cookout guest.

The authorities apparently linked the gun used in the shooting to another
killing, an attempted murder and a
robbery. The defendant was then charged with first-degree murder and a gun offense,
of which a jury found him guilty. He sentencing is scheduled for mid-July.
Because of the severity of the crimes, he could face life in prison without parole.

The defendant faces charges in three additional cases, including another
murder case. The authorities are still trying to determine how they will
proceed with those pending cases.

This example illustrates how important it is to provide a solid defense
in a murder case. While the goal in any criminal case is to win, people
should understand that winning can mean different things. In some cases,
it can mean getting the charges dropped. In others, it can mean getting
a reduced sentence. In any case, a defense lawyer will work to protect
the accused.

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