Baltimore police say a firefighter ran a prostitution ring

Baltimore police say a firefighter ran a prostitution ring

Authorities charged a Baltimore firefighter with managing a prostitution
ring out of a renovated loft apartment. Police arrested the firefighter
during a raid on the apartment on July 9, charging him with eight sex
crimes offenses.

Court documents allege that the firefighter worked with a partner to operate
a prostitution house, taking a portion of the prostitutes’ earnings.
Apparently, the two-bedroom loft apartment contained a large bar, a DJ
booth, and a stage equipped with two dancing poles. Authorities found
six lockers in the kitchen-each bearing a woman’s nickname. A chalkboard
listed written reminders consistent with a prostitution business.

In addition to managing the business’s daily affairs, the allegations
claim that the firefighter and his partner advertised the business online.
This is the second time that this firefighter has faced charges for facilitating

Sex crimes charges can have dramatic consequences for a defendant’s
personal and professional reputation. Even mere allegations can cause
long-term damage. In the context of a public employee such as a firefighter,
the fallout can be particularly harsh. The Baltimore Fire Department in
this case, for example, plans to conduct a full investigation in order
to make a disciplinary decision.

The Baltimore Fire Department has suspended this suspect without pay pending
the resolution of these allegations.

If you are charged with a sex crime, don’t risk your future, contact a
sex crimes attorney in Maryland to protect your legal rights.

Source: The Washington Post, “Baltimore firefighter ran sex ring on the side, police say,” Kevin Rector, Aug. 10, 2012