Baltimore shelter fights domestic violence ‘epidemic’

Baltimore shelter fights domestic violence ‘epidemic’

Jane Marion, writing for Baltimore Magazine, says that
domestic violence is an “epidemic,” and if the Centers for Disease Control is
correct, she’s right: the CDC’s statistic is that one in four
women in the U.S. has been abused by a partner.

But in Baltimore, the House of Ruth, a shelter for victims of domestic
violence, seeks to fight the epidemic. “We were in a bug-infested
townhouse,” says former president Marcella Schuyler, as Marion reports,
“with people sleeping on mattresses on top of each other. It was
a mess – we didn’t have the hands to organize, but we had
no problem finding victims.”

Schuyler refers to the humble beginnings of the House of Ruth, but today
the shelter has 84 beds inside a “pleasant, low-lying brick building”
in the heart of Baltimore City. It also has a legal clinic made up of
17 lawyers in six Maryland courthouses.

The director of the legal clinic recently helped get a law passed, according
to Marion, which enhances the penalty for people convicted of domestic
abuse, including a “flag” for domestic violence on the criminal record.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, contact a
Maryland criminal law attorney before you talk to police or anyone else.

Source: The Sound of Silence