Can brain injury lead to sex crime?

Can brain injury lead to sex crime?

Alice Dreger, writing for the Atlantic, ventures that there could be a
strong link between brain injury and
sex crime. Dreger, a bioethicist at the Northwestern University, does sex research.
And she wonders whether putting young kids at risk of brain injury in
sports like football – “putting the game first” –
is a bad idea.

The link Dreger describes is one of causation. Some studies indicate that
people who are brain injured, or who otherwise sustain regular head trauma,
seem to experience a loss of sexual inhibition.

In other words, a man’s sexual impulses after brain injury may be
uncovered, so to speak, and fall less within the man’s control.

Dreger does not mean to say that those who have been accused of sex crime
should be excused, but she does tie the two recent football problems together:
the debate surrounding head trauma among football players and the Sandusky
scandal. In short, Dreger wonders if there’s a link.

“[W]e need to consider the possibility,” she writes, “that
sports head injuries can cause a much wider range of life-altering effects
than is now being openly discussed.”

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Football and the Sexual Side Effects of Head Trauma